A 10 month journey to drop the weight and heal your body from the inside out.

Live in the body of your dreams.

A full Body Transformation program backed by an intimate sisterhood for the woman ready to drop the weight for good, and live in the body of her dreams.

Is this you?  

Hey beautiful, I know what it’s like to live in a body that feels too heavy, that you don’t feel beautiful in, that you try to embrace but in reality you just want to run away from. I know how hard it is to live in a body that’s out of alignment with your desires and I know how hard it is to try and try and try only to continue to yo-yo or fail when all you want is to figure out how to make the long term change and have it stick.

I’ve been there, at every juncture.


 This is a 10 month program designed to transform your body and life. In these 10 months, you will:

  • Meet with me and your sisterhood 3 times a month to feel continually supported on your personal journey

  • Participate in 2 x 1:1 monthly coaching calls to get goal specific direction to ensure you are consistently taking the baby steps required to achieve your DREAM BODY.

  • 1 x group coaching call per month with me and your sisterhood of fellow “transformers”. The group calls are themed so you’ll all be learning about specific topics that are important in long term weight loss with enough time for questions and 1:1 support.  

  • 2 remote (or in person) healing sessions. ACCESS BARS healing - focus on releasing past life blocks, restrictive boundaries, and subconscious thought patterns. These healing sessions will cleanse your slate to release stagnant energies that are keeping the weight stuck.

  • 5 Day retreat in Sayulita Mexico. Accommodations, food, and mini photo-shoot included. This retreat is to celebrate how far you’ve come, to work through recurring struggles, connect with your sisters, to learn from and support them in person, and to connect with yourself. We’ll spend time by the ocean, doing yoga, enjoying the pool and eating nutritious and delicious foods. And you get to come - for free!

What makes transFORM different from every other weight loss program?

First of all...I’ve been where you are….At the 230+lb point thinking, “I’m past the point of no return”. I remember telling myself, “you might as well eat all the crap you want because you’ll never lose the weight”.

I’ve also been at the 145 lb. marker, sitting at a size 14 wondering, “why won’t my body let go of all this fat?

I’ve been everywhere on this weight-loss journey…until I finally found my way home to a body that I totally love.

You will experience this transformation in 10 months. It took me 15 years.

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We begin November 26th!


What are you waiting for?

>> You’ll learn about nutrition and discover what foods are best for your body so that we can create a healthy eating plan that fuels your body, is sustainable long term, and transforms your relationship with food.

>> You’ll discover what kind of movement you enjoy the most and learn how to integrate it easily into your life so that you stop hiding your body and feel sexy getting naked in front of your partner.

>> You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your body with the help of a virtual personal trainer so that you’re confident in the gym, finally!

>> You’ll overcome emotional eating and work through the energetic aspects of your body’s desire to hold onto weight. Stay in control of your choices as you learn to enjoy the foods you love.

>> You’ll learn WHY self care and supplementation are critical tools to release the extra weight and start feeling your most energized and healthy self.

>> You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries so that you can improve your relationships with loved ones and sustain your new wellness lifestyle.

>> You’ll learn how to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, and how to talk positively to your body in order to create a healthier relationship with yourself so that you can fully step into the woman you desire to be.

“Start doing the things you truly want: travel, start your own business, become an inspiration to other women, live fully.”

When you say YES, you will:

  • Heal your body so that you can finally start feeling sexy in your skin

  • Free yourself of emotional eating forever so that you feel confident around food and make choices that empower you - even when indulging.

  • Learn how to tune in and listen to your emotional body, so that you can discover what your body needs outside of food

  • Become more present in your daily life so that you can stop fearing the future and regretting the past - learn to love yourself in this moment, as you are.

  • Strengthen your body and tone up so that you can tap into your powerful femininity and build confidence.  


A Peek into each of the 10 months during TransFORM!

TransFORM Modules.png

Mastering Food for Your Body:

Discover what foods work best for your unique body, learning the small but effective steps to change your diet/lifestyle.

Deeper Dive into Food: Metabolism & Food Combining:

Learn what food combinations are best, how your metabolism works and what tools you can use to make big shifts with food that directly affect your weight. Learn how to use body positive affirmation work: shift how you feel and think about your body.


Introduction to Movement:

Get motivated to explore different types of movement and discover how moving differently affects your hormones, and therefore your weight! *BONUS: start working 1:1 with your very own virtual personal trainer!


Cycle Syncing with Guest Expert, Ashly Wolf:

Learn how developing a relationship with your feminine cycle will boost your confidence and put you back in touch with your sensuality. Identify your body’s personal needs through “cycle syncing”.

Self Care & Stress Management:

Learn why self care is important and how it helps your body release weight. Experience different types of self-care methods that are focused specifically on body confidence and forming healthy habits.


Establishing Boundaries:

Create healthy boundaries around relationships, motherhood, career, food, and fitness. Learn how lacking boundaries directly affects your weight. Protect your right to feel good.


Release Old Blocks:

Work to recognize and release blocks from your childhood. Address deep shadow feelings of shame/worthiness/guilt/depression/etc that are keeping extra weight stuck. What stories were you told? How did your family shape how you view your body? I work with you 1:1 to release these blocks.


Retreat Month!

Yoga, sisterhood, healthy food (thank you chef!), Vitamin D, in-person coaching sessions, play, ocean/beach time, journaling, guided meditations and visualizations….But really, this is a time to fall in love with YOU, all over again.


Integration Period:

Integrate the shifts and realizations learned at the retreat, address areas where you still feel stuck.


The KEY:

How to make it all stick moving forward and stay motivated to live your best life.

TransFORM_headers (1).png

The missing piece after all the emotional, food, and physical work was my supplementation. Discovering the blend of supplements and nutrients that supported my body in detoxing, created cellular healing, and fueled my body in a way that was satisfying so that my body could finally release the rest of the weight was a game changer. If I hadn’t found this specific blend of cellular nutrition that I’m going to be sharing with you I wouldn’t be where I am today. Utilizing these products will give your body what it needs to detox and discard toxins and fat, get you feeling energized, and leave you with a beautiful glow.

Now that I’ve put all of these essential ingredients together...I live in a body I love, that I’m confident in, that I admire, that I’ve made strong.

I’m here to teach ALL OF THIS to you! To transFORM your life and your body, so that you can make the changes and finally heal your food and confidence struggles for life.

Are you ready to transFORM?

Apply below to join the 10-Month transFORMation!

We begin November 26th!


You’re transFORMation begins with only 10 Monthly Payment of $1111 !

And the BONUSES!!!

  • 1 month free online personal training with Kari Sullivan.

  • $150 in Usana products:

    • 1 months worth of the highest quality supplementation to fuel your body: CellSentials multivitamin for overall health and energy and Hepasil, a liver cleanser to allow your body to release toxins and fat.

    • 15 days worth of probiotics for gut health

    • 1 package of protein powder full of essential nutrients that will help you release sugar cravings, feel satisfied, and drop weight.

  • Mini photo-shoot in Mexico to celebrate your new body!

“I truly hope Melissa continues doing this work with women because she is going to change so many lives for the better. This is such a unique form of health coaching because it’s not just about food, nutrition, and movement; it’s about healing your relationships with others, your body, and your inner self; it’s about diving into your past and learning more about who you are, about following your own unique path, and about gaining understanding of what your true dreams and goals are. You are not just getting a health coach with Melissa, you are getting a therapist, an advocate, and a friend. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.”  - Kate S.


“Before working with Melissa, I was tired all the time. I was uncomfortable in my body (especially sitting), didn't feel attractive, and I was stressed & grumpy a lot of the time. Now, I have more energy, I feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in my body not only when I look in the mirror but also in front of my husband. I have physically lost 20 lbs in 6 months of working with Melissa and have gotten off of my blood pressure meds after assuming I’d be on them for life; but the changes have been more than just weight loss.  I feel less stressed and more positive over all which has improved relationships. My friends and family notice a difference not just in looks, but a glow about me that radiates from within. I now talk to my body differently, when I have negative body talk come up I’m able to shift it easily to something more positive and appreciative. I now know how to eat better and how to listen to my body when a food isn’t good for it.

Other aspects that have shifted are my relationships with people, including family that where negative due to lack of boundaries. I have learned to say "no”, especially when my body is telling me to for reasons of self-care. I am still learning how to honor and care for all aspects of my body, but I do the work each day. I have started to have a more spiritual practice and have learned to listen to my intuition.  
The work is more than just weight, but a new mindset. Challenges arise and I am not finished with my work yet, but I am in a totally better place than I was when I started with Melissa.”  - Laura A.

Hey Gorgeous! I’m Melissa Frederick. From a very young age I struggled with weight, the combo of having heavy family genes and a lack of good nutrition created a rough combo for me and I was always a chubbier kid. Then, as a pre-teen my parents found me challenging and tried several different ADD meds to try to manage me. This eventually put me into a manic episode and I was hospitalized and put on hard-core depression drugs; as a result of the drugs and unhealthy eating I gained almost 100lbs in 3 short months.

For roughly 3 years I lived in an obese body. I remember back in the beginning I was in denial. My mom began to hide food from me, and my teachers were regularly pointing out that I should lose weight. I didn’t want to believe them. I would look in the mirror and not even see it. Then one day, I was walking up to my school’s nurses office (I went to a co-ed boarding school) and slipped on ice, hidden in a puddle, in the rain, in front of the guys dorm...and I couldn’t get up. No matter how hard I tried I kept falling. It was in that humiliating moment that I realized I needed to make some big changes and drop the weight.

I went home for the summer after that school year, I got off the meds and I worked with a hypnotherapist for 2 years. I made huge diet changes, started moving my body, and lost 85 of those 100lbs during that time. I managed to keep the weight off for a few years and then it came creeping back on.

I had moved to South Louisiana, met the guy who’s now my husband, and my weight crept back up to 200lbs. I got to the point where I was no longer feeling good in my body, I discovered I am gluten intolerant, I needed to make changes again, I knew that I also needed to work through the emotional aspects of weight and I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. It was then I decided to begin working with a health coach. She supported me for 2 years in teaching me about nutrition (even though I’d dropped the weight once I still had no clue), she helped me reprogram my critical self-talk, and through working with her I addressed and moved through emotional blocks that were keeping the weight stuck. It was through this work that I decided to become a holistic health coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

At that point my body had plateaued around 168-175lbs and although I had visions of being in a smaller body and it was something I desired, I assumed because I of all the work I’d done and knowledge I’d gained, that my body would always be at a heavier weight, I thought this was it’s happy place.

The final piece that my body needed to shed the rest of the 35-40lbs was the right supplementation and nutritionals which came in the form of Usana. I found Usana just before I got pregnant with my son and was looking for a super clean protein powder for morning shakes. After he was born I put all the pieces together, I made the physical and food changes again, I worked on the emotional stuff, and I utilized Usana’s products and my body easily released the rest of the weight it had been holding onto for all those years.

I never thought I would end up here, in this easily maintainable, lighter, more radiant and confident body. No matter how often I dreamt about it, I never thought it was attainable, but here I am. Now it’s my turn to support you in the journey.

I’m putting everything I’ve learned and been through into this 10 month program so that you can have the lifetime transformational results in a much quicker time-frame than it took me to get here.


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We begin November 26th!