“I truly hope Melissa continues doing this work with women because she is going to change so many lives for the better. This is such a unique form of health coaching because it’s not just about food, nutrition, and movement; it’s about healing your relationships with others, your body, and your inner self; it’s about diving into your past and learning more about who you are, about following your own unique path, and about gaining understanding of what your true dreams and goals are. You are not just getting a health coach with Melissa, you are getting a therapist, an advocate, and a friend. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.”  - Kate S.


“Before working with Melissa, I was tired all the time. I was uncomfortable in my body (especially sitting), didn't feel attractive, and I was stressed & grumpy a lot of the time. Now, I have more energy, I feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in my body not only when I look in the mirror but also in front of my husband. I have physically lost 20 lbs in 6 months of working with Melissa and have gotten off of my blood pressure meds after assuming I’d be on them for life; but the changes have been more than just weight loss.  I feel less stressed and more positive over all which has improved relationships. My friends and family notice a difference not just in looks, but a glow about me that radiates from within. I now talk to my body differently, when I have negative body talk come up I’m able to shift it easily to something more positive and appreciative. I now know how to eat better and how to listen to my body when a food isn’t good for it.

Other aspects that have shifted are my relationships with people, including family that where negative due to lack of boundaries. I have learned to say "no”, especially when my body is telling me to for reasons of self-care. I am still learning how to honor and care for all aspects of my body, but I do the work each day. I have started to have a more spiritual practice and have learned to listen to my intuition.  
The work is more than just weight, but a new mindset. Challenges arise and I am not finished with my work yet, but I am in a totally better place than I was when I started with Melissa.”  - Laura A.