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sisterhood needs healing, there is no doubt about that. 

Have you tried to connect with women to find them distant and resistant? Have you had close friendships fall apart suddenly, leaving you feeling like it’s all your fault? Have you tried to communicate with a friend about how you’re feeling to end up more hurt because of miscommunication or defensiveness?

I want you to know you’re not alone. There’s a lot of history behind women and our relationships to one another that needs healing. I’m not going to go into that here but the her-story is real.

To me, sisterhood looks like women supporting one another, it looks like having the courage to boldly speak your truth from a place of love, it means having the strength to listen, to reflect, to not take personally, to apologize, to have compassion, to empower, to support and to honor.


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My journey into sisterhood:

Friendship has always been of high value in my life. I have this innate gift of keeping in touch with the people that mean the most to me.

But it hasn’t always been an easy road.

Several years ago, when I left Louisiana and moved to Colorado, I felt a deep loss for the sisters I was leaving. I knew no one, worked for myself, and finding like-minded women that I wanted to be around wasn’t easy.

I dove into sisterhood via a business coaching container and it was so good for my soul. The women were magical and powerful and supportive, then that container ended and, I found myself craving a forever container of sisterhood.


In came GirlTribe - Aligned with health, sisterhood, and a community full of amazing women, it was exactly what I needed. When I found GirlTribe I was in a place in my life where I wanted change. I felt isolated after the birth of my son, I had a desire to support other women in their health and financial goals, and I wanted to be supported by powerful women in my own dreams and goals. Teaming up with GirlTribe has been by far the best decision I’ve made in feeling truly supported by like-minded women.

In hearing and honoring the call to be one who helps heal sisterhood I invite you to join in this beautiful group of women with me. I want to support you, to love you, and to hold space for all of your dreams and desires so that you are able to fully manifest them.

This is an opportunity for you to be joyfully welcomed into my tribe, it’s an opportunity for you to become a healthier version of yourself, and if you want, it’s an opportunity for you to be your own boss, make money, and help the world.